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create your myspace avatars from a photo!

create myspace avatars animated with soundbites!

Do you imagine your own photo talking or singing? Just take a picture of your face (full front view), and choose the animation that your face will be animated with.

Upload your photo to Image-me and...

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click once to lauch windows media player animated face funny myspace avatar
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Click once on the myspace above or on these video player icons: click once to lauch windows media playerclick once to laucn quicktime player your myspace avatars! 

Image-me creates your own myspace avatars! Let your imagination run wild! Don't just store your photos, make them talk to you! Create your myspace avatars with funny soundbites like it has never been done before!

embed your video avatar in myspace! 

Embed free avi video clip  Simply copy and paste the code below
 Then hit Ctrl+C and, in your blog or forum, Ctrl+V. That's all!

Take a full front photo of your face with your mouth closed 

myspace avatars

Your image will playback exactly the same myspace avatars as you can see here.

You can share your myspace avatars as cool stuff for Myspace or Facebook, funny video animations for your iPod, free talking ecards or simply attached to e-mails.

...and order NOW your myspace avatars

Myspace avatars
myspace avatars
Create your own myspace avatars... for FREE!

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